Early Adapt

Adapt, a certified veteran small business, was created by senior geotechnical and environmental program managers who left large engineering firms in the late 1990s. They were concerned about the low quality, unresponsive work product that large firms inevitably produced due to poor communications, learning curve issues of transient “green” workers and the use of “stringers” in “national offices”. Lack of local institutional knowledge and often the cursory senior review, due to large workload volumes, produced a sub-standard work product. Adapt’s seasoned professionals knew they could do better!

Adapt Today

Adapt has performed over 23,000 projects in the Pacific Northwest, with our focus on producing the fair priced work product most large competitors cannot provide.
Adapt is a multi-discipline environmental, geotechnical and structural consulting firm whose experienced personnel offer hard won experience in providing practical solutions. Our personnel includes professional geologists, hydrogeologists, Ph.D. level scientists, and hazardous materials inspectors that provide timely solutions to our client’s needs. Due to our years of experience, we often can prevent problems before they occur providing a value-added service our competitors cannot.

Adapt serves clients in the public and private sectors. With our decades-long presence in the Pacific and Inland Northwest and professional work products delivered under tight deadlines, Adapt has continued to serve a loyal clientele.

Adapt’s ability to respond quickly to client needs is due to the structure of our management team. Adapt’s team of senior professionals communicate in real time, and directly participate in all projects. A single point of contact and personal responsibility approach provides efficient client communications throughout the project. Adapt’s strict internal and external quality assurance program on all projects is based essentially on the knowledge that our clients’ and our own interests and liabilities are linked.

Adapt has a Seattle, WA, office that operates throughout the Pacific and Inland Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Adapt provides clients with fast, reliable professional services
from two office locations in the Pacific and Inland NW.