Over 23,000 of Phase I, Phase II, Remediation, Geotechnical and Structural Projects – WA, OR, ID

Adapt has provided these services for Lending Institutions, Insurance Companies, Developers, Attorneys, Telecom Industry and Public and Private entities.

Bulk Fuel Plant – Washington: Litigation support services for environmental malpractice claim against sampling firms involved in soil remediation projects. Provided standard of practice peer review and evaluation of remediation efforts by property owners including economic analysis of costs spent to date.

Block-Sized Retail/ Residential Development, Seattle Washington: Project site consisted of a large city block along Broadway Ave in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle which included multiple parcels that historically supported two separate gasoline stations and multiple residential heating oil underground storage tanks. Scope of work included providing oversight and documentation of the remediation project which included excavation of approximately 14,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soil, application of approximately 10,800 pounds of chemical oxidation products, and providing litigation support to the Client in association with cost recovery from a major oil corporation.

Skykomish Environmental Coalition, Skykomish Washington: Decades long fueling activities at a major railroad maintenance yard contributed to a free and dissolved petroleum product plume, heavy metals, and PCBs affecting the majority of properties in the City of Skykomish, WA. RI/FS activities were initiated by the responsible party. Via a grant from state regulators, The Skykomish Environmental Coalition retained Adapt personnel to provide technical review, advice and public education/presentations regarding ongoing RI/FS activities. Daryl Petrarca has been the technical advisor for the Skykomish Environmental Coalition from 1996 to 2012.

Environmental Report Peer Review Services: For three national and several regional lenders. Adapt personnel provided peer review of other’s environmental reports for thousands of sites across the United States.

National Telecommunications Company

Adapt has provided engineering and environmental services to a major national telecommunications company operating in the Pacific Northwest continuously from 2001 until the present. Services have included geotechnical engineering services as well as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Sampling Assessments, NEPA Checklist Reports, NEPA Environmental Assessments, Asbestos and Lead Paint sampling and Soil Resistivity Surveys. The total number of telecommunication sites for this client number is greater than 900.

Geotech Project

Adapt has conducted several thousand telecommunication site geotechnical investigations over the past ten years, ranging from shallow bedrock dig sites to liquefiable drill sites requiring site specific seismic analysis.

In the spring of 2009, Adapt conducted geotechnical investigations at over 40 existing telecommunication sites in Eastern Washington and Oregon for a national commercial telecommunications company. The geotechnical engineering reports were completed in six weeks.

NEPA / SHPO Projects

Adapt has conducted several thousand NEPA Checklist assessments of proposed and existing telecommunication sites, and over one thousand State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) reviews. Project sites have included existing historic buildings requiring a negotiated Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and mitigation, sites in floodplains, sites on tribal lands and sites with potential archaeological significance.

Environmental Projects 

    1. Adapt has provided program level Phase I, Phase II, NEPA, Asbestos and Lead paint surveys for thousands of telecommunications sites in the Pacific Northwest,  for all major  telecommunications companies.
    2. Since 1996, Adapt has served as the technical advisor for the Skykomish Environmental Coalition providing technical expertise and guidance during the multimillion dollar clean-up of the BNSF/Skykomish site.
    3. Adapt provides all Pacific Northwest  environmental services including Phase Is,  Phase II’s for a major national level lending institution.
    4. Adapt personnel have  performed over 20,000 environmental projects in the Pacific Northwest  since the mid 1980.

Typical Geotechnical Projects

Cellular System Build Outs (Pacific Northwest)

  • Adapt personnel have been involved in geotechnical studies on thousands of cellular monopole, lattice and guyed towers in major buildouts for all telecommunication companies located in the Pacific Northwest.

Residential/Commercial Development

  • Provided field, design, and construction services for numerous residential subdivisions and commercial developments for major roadways, subdivision, and infrastructure facilities (water tanks, trunk sewers, lift stations, stormwater detention ponds). Projects have included deep utilities with extensive construction dewatering detention pond design, retaining wall and rockery design, infiltration testing, recommendations for road way design, foundation recommendations, pavement section design, routine construction testing, evaluation of slope stability and erosion potential, work is ongoing. (Washington and Oregon)

Various Urban Redevelopment Multistory Combined Retail and Residential Projects

  • Provided field, design, and construction services for numerous multistory redevelopment projects in Seattle. Geotechnical services are often combined with environmental clean up of site during development to reduce construction costs and timing.

Special Geotechnical Projects

Manitoba Class Action Lawsuit:

  • Providing on-going expert witness services for the Department of Justice-Canada for a $400 million class-action lawsuit along the Red River in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The on-going litigation has extended over 8-years and involves numerous private residences sited on the banks of the Red River, where active landsliding is occurring during and after peak storms and flood events. The scope of services included: documentation of existing damages, direct and perform studies and research, review of historical and recent air photos of ongoing landslide events (100 years of archival history), present report and assist in developing defense strategy.

Index “Y” Landslide:

  • Erosion induced by high stream flows activated a major landslide along SR-2 in Snohomish County, Washington. The landslide scarp progressed upslope and involved the shoulder and one traffic lane. Completed landslide stability analyses and prepared design recommendations and cost estimates for landslide stabilization alternatives.

Pierce County Surface Water Utility:

  • Performed field investigations, completed slope stability analyses, and prepared repair recommendations for two steeply incised drainages along Puget Sound. The sites were located in Gig Harbor and on Anderson Island. The maximum vertical relief was approximately 150 to 180 feet. The repairs included riprap placement (by helicopter) and the construction of HDPE outfalls and energy dissipater structures at Sound level. Recommendations also included the construction of a toe buttress fill to reduce the risk of further slope instability of the hillside.

Centralia Water Reservoir Failure:

  • Investigated the failure of two concrete-lined water reservoirs in Centralia, Washington. Deep-seated slope stability failure led to the catastrophic failure of the 8-million gallon reservoirs, and flooding and damage to portions of the townsite. Completed a causal determination, and provided foundation recommendations and siting criteria for the 4.5-million gallon precast concrete replacement reservoir.